Niclas Hagen

Born 1970 in Stockholm, Sweden and resident, since the late 1990: s, in Lund. I have done undergraduate studies at Lund University in genetics/molecular biology, as well as in sociology and political science in which I hold a masters degree.  During 2009 I commenced my PhD studies in Ethnology, working within the Basal Ganglia Disorders Linnaean Consortium (  My research interest concerns the social and cultural aspects of genetics and neuroscience, particularly in relation to degenerative brain disorders and my research is focused on Huntington´s Disease, a genetic degenerative brain disorder. As a scientific “hybrid”, with experience from the natural, social and cultural sciences, I also have a strong interest in various theoretical and practical aspects of interdisciplinary science.

Scientific Publications

Hagen, N. (2012). ‘A molecular body in a digital society. From practical biosociality to online biosociality’, in S. Lundin, M. Liljefors, A. Wiszmeg (eds) The Atomized Body. Lund: Nordic Academic Press.

Hagen, N. Lundin, S., O’Dell, T., Petersén, Å. (2012). ‘For Better or for Worse: Lifeworld, System and Family Caregiving for a Chronic Genetic Disease’, Culture Unbound, 4, 537-557. doi:10.3384/cu.2000.1525.124537

Wiszmeg, A., Lundin, S., Torkelson, E., Hagen, N., Lundberg, C. (2012). ‘Difficult Questions and Ambivalent Answers on Genetic Testing’, Culture Unbound, 4, 463-480. doi:10.3384/cu.2000.1525.124463

Hagen, N., Hedlund, M., Mulinari, S., Lundin, S., Kristoffersson, U. (2012). ‘Genetics and democracy -what is the issue?’, Journal of Community Genetics, doi: 10.1007/s12687-012-0109-x.

Hagen, N. (2011). ‘I gränslandet mellan genotyp och fenotyp – motsägelser i samband med prediktiv genetisk testning’, Socialmedicinsk tidskrift, 88(3): 266-272.

Isenberg, B., Hagen, N. (2011). ‘The Manifestation of Modernity in Genetic Science’ in R. Nate, B. Klüsner (eds) Biology and Culture. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann.

Academic Publications

Hedlund, M., Hagen, N., Kristoffersson, U. (2012) ‘Editorial: Genetics and Democracy’, Journal of Community Genetics, 3(2): 57-59.

Daun, Å (2009). Arv och Miljö. Stockholm/Stehag: Brutus Östlings Förlag Symposium. Review featured RIG, nr. 2, 2010.

Publications in public media

Hanson, K., Hagen, N. (2010). ‘DNA-tester väcker svåra frågor som kräver svar’, Svenska Dagbladet, 101020, p. 5.

Conference and Poster presentations

Hagen, N. (2012) ‘Bringing in the (Facebook)crowd: New “parasitic” relationships between STS and its fields?’ Annual meeting of the Society for social studies of science/European association for the study of science and technology, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hagen, N., Lundin, S., O´Dell, T., Petersén, Å. (2012) ‘Huntington´s Illness: The Lived Experience of Huntington´s Disease.European Huntington Network Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden. (Poster presentation)

Hagen, N. (2011) ‘Between Genotype and Phenotype – Predictive Genetic Testing and the Natural Attitude’, Program och Praktik, Lund University, Sweden.

Hagen, N., Petersén, Å., Lundin, S. (2010) ‘The Experience of a Genetic Brain Disorder: Cultural and Social Perspectives on Huntington´s Disease’, European Huntington Network Meeting, Prague, Czech Rublic. (Poster presentation)

Hagen, N., Petersén, Å., Lundin, S. (2010) ‘The Experience of a Genetic Brain Disorder: Cultural and Social Perspectives on Huntington´s Disease’, Neuroscience Day, Lund University, Sweden. (Poster presentation)

Bommenel, E., Hagen, N. (2009) ‘Chains of Translations in the Work towards Finding a Cure for Huntington’s and Parkinson’s disease’, National STS-Meeting, Uppsala University, Sweden.

Isenberg, B., Hagen, N. (2009) ‘The Manifestation of Modernity in Genetic Science, Biology, Anthropology and Cultural Criticism in the European Modern Age’, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany.

Editorial assignments

Guest editor for Journal of Community Genetics: (2012)’Special Issue: Genetics and Democracy’, Journal of Community Genetics, 3(2): 57-153.

Other academic assignments

Organizer of (in collaboration with LETStudios, Gothenburg University) ‘Biomedical Transformations of Life: Knowledge, Learning and the Rise of Biocitizens’. Seminarseries and workshops held at Lund University and Gothenburg University 2010-2011.

Organizer of ‘Genetics, Normality and Democracy –A Problematic for the 21:st Century’. Seminarseries held at Lund University 2008-2009.


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